EV Battery Services - Powered by Call2Recycle

The rise of electric vehicles (EV), electric bicycles (e-bikes), and other forms of sustainable transportation are contributing to an increased demand for lithium-ion and other battery materials.  By 2035, 46 million electric vehicles are expected to be on U.S. roads, each with a sophisticated battery pack.

As batteries continue to drive this adoption, it reinforces the importance of streamlining their end-of-life management. Call2Recycle is working with members of the automotive manufacturing and battery recycling industries to provide end-to-end EV battery services that help support the development of a robust and environmentally sustainable circular economy. Through our collaboration with our Canadian counterpart, Call2Recycle is uniquely positioned to offers its wide-range of EV battery services for all your North American needs.

EV Battery Management at End-of-Vehicle Life: A Primer

With over 25 years of experience in safe battery management, Call2Recycle is leveraging its expertise to safely and responsibly power the transition to electrified transportation through a range of EV battery services and resources.

  • EV Primer, developed in partnership with CVMA, on how this ecosystem is forming its own circular economy. 
  • EV Battery Transportation Regulatory Guide, developed in collaboration with Suppliers Partnership for the Environment, serves as an educational resource for understanding the regulations and requirements for EV battery management.
  • EV Battery Safe Handling & Storage Guidelines, developed by Suppliers Partnership for the Environment, provides a summary and resources for handling of EV batteries after their removal from a vehicle.

To learn more about Call2Recycle’s suite of EV battery management services, contact [email protected].