Get involved with the first U.S. industry-wide, voluntary e-bike battery recycling program

More than 12 million electric bicycles (e-bikes) are estimated to be sold in the United States between 2020 and 2030. That’s 12 million batteries used to power those e-bikes that will need to be safely and responsibly collected and recycled at their end-of-life.

To ensure those batteries are safely and responsibly handled and kept out of landfills, more than 40 bike industry leaders from 20 PeopleForBikes member companies united under a sustainability task force and electric bicycle committee to design an industry-leading e-bike battery recycling program in collaboration with Call2Recycle.

E-Bike Manufacturers or Brand Owners

If you are an e-bike brand owner and/or importer, contact Call2Recycle’s E-Bike ProgramTeam at
[email protected].

Through manufacturers’ support, Call2Recycle, endorsed by PeopleForBikes, is administering the e-bike battery collection and recycling program, including providing recycling kits, transportation and logistics, safety materials, and rider education.

E-Bike Retailers

Participating in an e-bike battery recycling program is good for you, your customers, and the environment.

As an e-bike retailer, you can now register free-of-charge with Call2Recycle to have your location serve as an e-bike battery collection site. Once enrolled, your location will be mapped out on both Call2Recycle’s and PeopleForBikes’ websites, allowing riders to easily and conveniently drop-off their e-bike battery for recycling.

Call2Recycle will provide retailers with safe battery handling and preparation training, recycling kits for end-of-life and damaged/defective batteries, safety materials, and arrange for the collection, transportation, and recycling of the e-bike batteries.

Continuing the program’s commitment to safe, responsible, and compliant battery management, Call2Recycle offers considerations retailers should keep in mind when charging, storing, and transporting e-bike batteries.

E-Bike Riders

Recycling electric bicycle batteries — one bite at a time.

Come along for the ride with Watts as he scours the country for e-bike batteries to consume!

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Helpful Tips

  • Ready to buy an e-bike? Use this tool to see which brands are participating in the e-bike battery recycling program.
  • Safety First! Check out these safety tips for charging, storing, and handling your e-bike’s battery.

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