Simplify Your Shipping: Ship Your Batteries in Bulk with Call2Recycle

Call2Recycle®offers an easy bulk shipping program for collection sites with a high-volume of batteries for recycling.   We recommend using this bulk service if your shipments are 500 pounds (lbs.) or more.

If you’re a current participant in the Call2Recycle program and have a shipment of 500 lbs. or more, we encourage you to take advantage of our Bill of Lading (BOL) wizard. This wizard will walk you step-by-step to create your BOL and schedule your shipment for pick up.

Interested in Signing Up for Bulk Shipping?

For more information about bulk shipping options in the continental U.S., contact our Customer Service Team at 877.723.1297.

Why Use Bulk Shipping?

It’s Easy.  Once you are set-up in Call2Recycle’s system as a collection site  and are ready to ship your batteries, you can log in to our Bill of Lading wizard to generate the necessary paperwork and schedule your shipment for pickup.

It’s Flexible.  With bulk shipping, you can use a variety of collection containers, including collection boxes or large containers such as drums or gaylords.

Interested in Using Your Own Shipping Company?

If you are interested in bulk shipping using  your own preferred carrier, please contact our Customer Service Team at 877.723.1297 for assistance.