Battery Protection & Fire Suppression Solutions

For 25 years, Call2Recycle, Inc. has helped thousands of retailers, municipalities, businesses and manufacturers safely and efficiently collect and recycle their batteries through its Call2Recycle® program.

To further its commitment to safe battery management and a recently established partnership with CellBlock FCS, Call2Recycle now offers its customers a complete range of safe battery protection, storage, and shipping solutions.

Damaged, Defective or Recalled (DDR) Lithium Battery Kits

A variety of regulatory-compliant packaging, shipping and recycling solutions are available for the management of DDR lithium-based batteries, which cannot be placed in regular collection and recycling containers (including Call2Recycle boxes).

Fire/Heat/Smoke Suppressant

A multi-functional, environmentally friendly, mineral-based fire extinguishing agent, CellBlockEX®, can be used as a packaging filler to prevent thermal propagation in devices, batteries or individual cells. Suitable for class D fire loads, effectively displaces oxygen, absorbs energy and suffocates the fire.

Fire Suppression Pillows

If a battery-powered device or battery experiences a thermal runaway, the CellBlockEX®-containing pillow can be placed on top to extinguish the fire. A reusable fire-resistant pillow cover is also available to keep the CellBlockEX material localized and contribute to the suppressive effect.

Fire Shield Blankets

In the event of a thermal runaway, this fire-resistant blanket provides a barrier between a person and the affected battery/device. Can be used in combination with a fire suppression pillow to increase the suppressive effect and further protect surroundings.

Storage & Transportation

Safely store or transport your batteries and/or battery-powered products in a variety of customized cabinets and cases utilizing CellBlockEX extinguishing agent. UN-Rated drums, and reusable storage and transportation cases and cabinets are all engineered to safely isolate, contain and suppress a fire should a battery or device enter thermal runaway.

Battery Safety Kits

Originally developed for aviation use, these all-in-one safety kits contain the tools needed to suppress a battery fire while reducing smoke and fumes, and all stored in an easy carry bag (additional option includes a filter where the bag can be used to safely contain and extinguish the affected device). Kit options include personal protection equipment such as high heat gloves, safety goggles and masks.

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