Welcome to Call2Recycle’s Updated ChargeUpSafety! Battery Safety Training

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Call2Recycle boxes full of batteries travel from across the U.S. from collection sites to battery sorters then on to battery processors. We are committed to avoiding any issues that can threaten the safety of the people and property involved in the collection, transportation, and storage of used batteries.

This ChargeUpSafety! training is designed to provide participating collection sites with the knowledge necessary to properly manage the shipment of end-of-life batteries, including important regulatory information and program requirements.

Training Overview

  • Battery types
  • Accepted materials
  • Collection Kit Contents & Markings
  • Safe Battery Handling, Preparation, and Shipping

Your commitment to this training is a significant step towards a safer, more sustainable future.

Training Overview

  1. Safety Training Materials: Upon request, Call2Recycle may provide training materials to participating collection sites that are interested in educating multiple staff members simultaneously. Please contact our team for more information.
  2. Site Certification Training: At least one on-site staff member at each participating collection site must complete safety training every 6 months to stay in compliance with our program. This in-depth training through an online learning platform provides guidance to collection sites on how to safely collect and ship batteries, with a short quiz at the end that assesses what you have learned.
  3. Request Training: If you did not receive your training invitation, request training now.