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Guide To Small Business Accounting Services

Guide To Small Business Accounting Services

Guide To Small Business Accounting Services

The Charlotte accounting and financial services firm, QuickBooks Incorporated, offer several packages to small business owners who need a suite of accounting tools designed to help them with day-to-day business accounting. In addition to the standard Microsoft Office Suite, the company offers specialized tools like the QuickBooks Probook, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and the Business Portals Packages that are designed for small business with limited staff and limited access to computers. The primary goal of the software is to free up valuable office space for smaller companies while still providing advanced, easy-to-use accounting tools. The company has grown significantly since its founding in 1998, and it now offers a full range of office and network hardware and software designed to support innovative computer systems. QuickBooks is available in many languages, so it’s easy to use by employees and managers without having to take time away from the business.

The suite of products offered by QuickBooks includes QuickBooks Pro, a simple tool for basic bookkeeping and cash flow analysis and preparation of balance sheets; the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for inventory control; the Business Portals Packages for creating customized, searchable database and accounting packages; and the My Accountant, which provide small business accounting services such as managing payroll, income taxes, and other daily accounting matters. The My Accountant package can be purchased for a one-time fee or for a monthly membership fee that offers unlimited uses. The suite also includes QuickBooks Web Services, which gives your company the ability to manage customer databases and e-commerce accounts from your website. This allows you to offer a full suite of solutions to small businesses. The Web Services suite comes with QuickBooks Web Services Manager, which is designed to allow businesses to control and monitor their websites through a comprehensive set of web-based applications.

The bookkeeping department at a Charlotte, NC bookkeeping and accounting service provider can also help small businesses with their bookkeeping. This includes offering QuickBooks tax preparation services to help you with your federal and state tax return preparation. This type of service allows your business to save on paperwork and paper costs associated with filing your tax returns, which in turn cuts down on your expenses and saves you money. Your small business accounting services provider can also help you with setting up an electronic bank account, which in turn streamlines your banking process and minimizes any problems associated with the electronic transfer of funds.

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