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Asbestos Management and Awareness in the Asbestos Mornington Peninsula

asbestos mornington peninsula

The Asbestos Mornington Peninsula was once home to over twenty five thousand people who were employed at textile mills and other such worksites during the nineteen seventies and the early eighties. At the time, these textile mills operated amid large amounts of asbestos, which comprised a very thick kind of silicate. Unfortunately, asbestos is a type of naturally occurring mineral that can be dangerous if it is in the wrong form or concentration. This is especially true when it starts to form into clumps, which is what happened at the mill in question.

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Many people suffered serious health consequences because they worked directly with asbestos. Some of those are still alive today, but have already succumbed to cancer or other diseases brought about by their association with asbestos. It is important to note that none of the workers in the textile mills were tested for asbestos prior to starting work, and therefore they were unwittingly exposing themselves on a massive scale to potentially lethal levels of asbestos. It is also worth noting that there were many other industries in the area at the time that also used asbestos in large amounts, which means that more people were being exposed to it than is commonly known.

Today, there is a limited amount of asbestos debris remaining from this plant, and none of it is considered hazardous to humans. However, the asbestos waste materials that remain on the land have been deemed unsafe for any use whatsoever. This is because it contains very high levels of asbestos fibers, as well as dangerous chemicals that may be released into the air. In addition to this, there is also the danger posed by trying to contain the waste on your own. It is highly recommended that any person wishing to contain their asbestos waste to do so through the use of an accredited asbestos removal company.