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Operable Or Folding Walls

folding walls

One of the most convenient solutions available for the creation of folding walls is the specially-designed Folding Walls. Offering a combination of easy portability and high degree of acoustic properties, Style Fold-ons are the ideal choice for a contemporary, budget-conscious room partition. Ideal for recessed, corner or semi-open configurations, these walls provide wide space flexibility with the convenience of transport. Easily created with no required professional skill, they are equally useful in interior as well as exterior architectural designs. They can also be used to partition different areas of a room and are particularly effective when designed for a stairway or access to another area.


Available in a variety of sizes and textures, these panels can be used to partition any space. In addition to providing an elegant solution for storage and display purposes, Folding Walls can also serve as partitions for a staircase or access to another area, thus offering a safer and more convenient alternative to wooden and metallic dividers. Due to their lightweight and compact structure, folding walls can be used in any location, including indoors, outdoors and above or below ground level. For indoor use, models are available in standard sizes, but larger sizes are also available upon request. As their name implies, the panels of the folding wall system are connected together by hinges and this system enables them to be folded or telescopic and even deployed quickly and easily into any part of the room, including ceiling or floor levels.

With a choice of folding wall types – wood, aluminum, fiberglass or steel, they are suitable for either recessed or operable panels. For easy operation, operators just need to press or push a single button to activate the folding walls. For ease of maintenance, all these panels are pre-assembled and pre-measured, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. These features make them an ideal solution for presenting art collections, storing important documents or for use in an interior design exhibition or studio. Available in a wide range of designs and colours, the folding walls have been designed for both professional and personal use, and offer an excellent return on investment.